Welcome to Social Heroes Bristol

Social Heroes officially launched in 2019, and is a Bristol social club filled with over 200 amazing people. After 5 years, a growing community of friendly, active & welcoming people finally got itself a name & became an official social club of local, national & international adventures & activities for all to join. Our beloved Bristol, UK is home to some incredible people, and the SHAC community is full of wonderful folk that found themselves living here. Together, we create social events and activities that make life here in Bristol even more fun, adventurous & memorable. The Social Heroes community is regularly connecting, creating activities & living life to the full both here in Bristol with local, weekly ongoings, nationally with trips & challenges around the UK & internationally on our Social Heroes adventure holidays. It's all about creating new connections, grabbing life by the horns, making friends & enjoying new experiences. Life is for living. Join the SHAC community & let's get busy living life to the full, together! x



What To Expect...

At SHAC, there are weekly social events from hikes & surfing to runs, brunches, kayaking and more. We have weekly SHAC sports games like Netball & 5-A-Side Football. There are weekends away, hike & ride challenges around the UK, plus activity holidays abroad. You can bring your ideas & events to the community too. Enjoy access to everything that the club & it's members bring to the table each week, month & year. The SHAC community is built to share interests, hobbies & passions together.

Here's How To Join...

Becoming a hero is simple. It's just £22 per month & you'll have access to the community, with all the social events & activities. Soon after signing up, you'll be added to the community where you can get cracking, join events & meet all the wonderful heroes in the community.


That's it. We can't wait to meet & welcome you soon!